Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Wish List

Can you believe it I forgot that Valentines was coming up. I was reminded of this day of Lurve by the Mr when he asked me what I wanted. Geez! I had not even given it a thought until now. Then I started thinking.....

I bet some people hope for these

When others would be wooed with

All the while some of you are hungry for some sweets from your sweeties

Then there are those who only ask for something simple like

This year I asked for this

And I bet you anything this is what the Mr wants

Aren't we a pair?!?! I'm making the Kally Family sound like the Casa de Geeks....Just tellin' it how it is.

What are you dreaming of getting from or for your Valentine?


Eggo said...

You are sporkalicious!


Jen said...

You're lucky you get anything! Mine doesn't even register the day, the punk.

Anna Lefler said...

Ah, Valentine's Day.

The traditional spork gifting day.

Hope you get exactly what you wish for! Enjoy...

:^) Anna

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I went in the store in the mall, picked out a purse, handed it to the store clerk, then went out where my husband was sitting and sent him back in to buy it. THAT's how a southern belle does Valentine's Day. We don't leave ANYTHING to chance!

Something In The Glass said...

Hell, I'm just hoping that Hubby can remember what DAY it's on. Who in the WORLD doesn't know that Feb 14 is Valentine's Day?!?!