Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to Business

Woohoo! Everyone is either going to work or school today. I was so worried about the 2 sickies yesterday. When I asked the Mr what he and B would eat for lunch he said he wasn't sure but at the very least they would eat easy mac and toast. (Poor babies) Yeah, I didn't feel like that for long. When I called to check on them I discovered B had been on the phone for hours and the Mr was playing video games. -What? Sick peeps aren't supposed to act like that!!! Well, they definitely got their rest time in and ate healthy lunches. At the end of the day I let them know....EVERYONE is going to school tomorrow!!!!! (um I meant work too. Hope they got that.)

Tonight I get to catch up with and destroy the laundry monster that has reappeared in my bedroom.
***my secret**** Sometimes I like doing laundry because it helps me get caught up on all my favorite shows sitting in my DVR.

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