Monday, October 20, 2008

Bits of Randomness

The weekend was pretty laid back. I hung out with Scrappy Girl and played with stamps and stuff. No real cards came of this but a good time was had by all. Since nothing much is going on here I will leave you today with some simple thoughts of late.

For those who wanted to know: Miss B did bring home her sweater from the field trip and one that has been MIA for about a month. w00t!

What is up with these crazy Portland Drivers? I have barely lived here a month and I have seen 3 news reports of people driving cars into houses!

When visiting EVERYONE'S blog I noticed the cute little Follow This Blog thing in the corner. I decided I needed to get this myself and looked everywhere.....except under page elements and add a gadget. Wouldn't you know always in the last and most obvious place I would look. (This means you can follow me now!)

Just realized the neighbors two houses down have their wireless doorbell on the same frequency as our wireless doorbell :( This means when drunk girl comes to visit them at 3 o'clock in the morning my doorbell rings too. This totally stinks because this girl doesn't ring the bell once and wait. She repeatedly taps on it like she is sending out an SOS.

Mr C got a haircut this weekend. The lady screwed up and gave him a cut that is slightly longer than a military do. He also bought a hat. :)

Have a great day all.


Jen said...

Oh no! I've never heard of a wireless doorbell, but that sounds like one crap invention. Can you switch it out for an old school one??

Pennies In My Pocket said...

OH MY! I would be ripping that doorbell off! That is crazy! LOL Sorry I'm laughing, but it's kinda funny, too. Maybe you could ring your doorbell at 3am a few times. hahaha I'm bad!


KDLOST said...

mmmkay, i know it's not really funny, cause i know y'all probably get annoyed (i would)... but for some reason the doorbell thing cracks me up. what in the world! never heard of that one before!

also- cars running into houses?? be careful out there! eek!

Kim said...

Yeah, what is UP with all the people driving into houses? And a wireless doorbell? Don't think I'd like that very much!