Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling Grrrrreat

Okay, really just feeling kinda great. The crud is making the rounds in my office and wouldn't you know I not only get bestowed with the cough but I get the head cold (runny nose) as a little something extra. Dayquill-the gel caps- are a life saver when it comes to the nasty nose.

On the upside, I recently purchased a new trench coat that I love! I have been wanting a nice trench for a while and recently came upon one that screamed "Kally." What kind of person would I be to ignore the insistant calls of the perfect trench? I grabbed that puppy up in a heartbeat and headed straight for the cash register. Smile with me now: This Michael Kors super cute trench only cost me $22.50 :o)

To make my day even better I found a long lost giftcard to Target. Yea!!! Things are definitely lookin' up.


Rhea said...

Gorgeous coat!! I really like it. I'm sorry you're sick. And wow, a long lost gift card reappearing is GREAT news. I love it when I find lost items. :o)

Honey Mommy said...

That is cute! I totally need a trench coat... or a peacoat. I'll have to look for one this fall.

Kim said...

Uh, where the HECK did you get a Michael Kors trench for $24.95??? I must go find one for myself. That is super-duper cute!!!