Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debates & Updates

Ack! Have I been bad about not posting or what? Really I have so many things I would love to share with ya'll but I need to put up pics to go along with my blurbs. I am going to attempt a camera heist from Mr. C and with a little hope I might have more up later.

Last night we had some friends and their little girl over to watch the debate. We ate yummy chinese and talked a little before it was announced by two little girls that what we were watching was Bo-ring. I knew Miss B did NOT want to watch more news/debates. (Mr. C is a news junkie. He would die without CNN or any of his other news channels he watches.)
So, I set up Cinderella 2 for the girls to watch. This was a hit and we were able to watch the debate without any disturbance aside from Mr C's blackberry buzzing every couple minutes from incoming Tweets. -Yes, the Mr's significant other is his Blackberry. Really there are times I want to chuck that thing straight out the window.

As I was watching the news this morning they reported a house slid down a hill!!! Now we have rain here but not that much. I was so worried about traffic since the area they had blocked off is near Miss B's school but thankfully somebody was looking out for me and traffic wasn't much worse. Whew!

Not much else is going on here. I am looking forward to my weekend pilgramage to Target on Saturday to pick up a few odds and ends. That's about it.


Kim said...

Wow! I didn't get to watch the news before I left for work, so I didn't hear about that house! Thanks for the news update! :o)

Hope you have fun this weekend at Target!

Kim said...

Jeez, I just realized - I used waaaay too many exclamation points there.