Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today Miss B is making her way to a state we haven't yet visited. Her class has a field trip to Lelooska in Ariel, Washington and boy howdy has she been excited about it. When asked what she is going to see/do on this field trip she says "Indian artifacts." Ask her how she needs to prepare for this trip and you get an entire laundry list of things to do. She has been reminding me everyday for the past 2 weeks about how she needs to bundle up and wear layers for the trip since "it is FFFfffrrrRRREEEEEEZZzzING there!" I bundled her up this morning and booted her out of the car with a lunch and extra snacks. I hope she has a great time and doesn't lose her sweatshirt. -The child has an uncanny knack for leaving sweaters, sweatshirts & jackets behind, EVERYWHERE! It drives me batty and I am desperate to find a way to stop this forgetfulness. If any of you guys know some secrets, Please pass them along.-

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Eggo said...

How'd it go? Did she have fun? See any Indian Artifacts? Keep all of her sweaters? We miss you so much!