Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today's Special: Mac & Cheese

I have been incredibly busy lately at work. Not a moment to spare. So I am copping out today and giving you a quick funny that happened at the Kally Casa the other night.

I learned an interesting piece of information about my supervisor aka Boss Man earlier in the day and decided to share it with Mr C.

Me: I just found out that Boss Man can cook. Really well. Do you know what his specialty is? -I pause for dramatic effect.- Macaroni and Cheese. You know, the good kind with milk and real cheese and is baked in the oven. Not the crap kind that comes in a box.

C: .....So you are saying my macaroni and cheese is crap, huh?

Me: Umm, no of course NOT Dear. Why would I do that? Your mac & cheese isn't crap. -I am back-peddling desperately here because he is kind enough to help out by making dinner some nights. The big problem here is that when he is in charge of dinner I know to expect to eat one of two things: pizza or ...yep, you've got it mac & cheese.
C: Well, my mac & cheese does come in a box. So you are saying it is crap.

-What can I do here?-

I smile as sweetly as possible and say...I love you, dear.


meg said...

Love my hubby, too, & soooo glad that he cooks, but after 20 yrs of marriage, I can let him know that boxed mac & cheese is gross!

Aunt Julie said...

My kids at that boxed mac & cheese for years. Then they tried the "real" kind. Let's just say they've Never Gone Back.

Monica said...

How funny! The same exact thing at our house! Are men all the same?