Friday, October 17, 2008


I am heading over to Scrappy Girl's apartment tomorrow to hang out and get crafty with my new stamp set. It's called Perfect Princess and I am thinking it will make perfect birthday invitations for Miss B. I don't have any pics of the stamp set but I will try and get some pictures of the cards I make.

When crafting, I have a VERY BAD habit of pounding on everything I glue together, especially when using a glue stick. No clue why I do it. I know pressing firmly on the paper works just as well but for some reason I always resort to making a fist and pounding the paper together. I am sure this drives the other crafters at the table a little crazy and I apologize to them and warn them. What else can I do? I think it might be a tad contagious because at the last crafting opportunity I noticed one of the girls utilizing the Kally Pound. It can't be that bad since I was able to produce these two cards and I can proudly say they have not come apart.

I love monkeys and jumped at the opportunity to make this little guy.


Jen said...

Thanks, selfishly I wish you were still here so you could love on him. :) Your artwork is awesome!!

American in Norway said...

Very cute cards! Thanks for stopping by this week!

nikkicrumpet said...

AWWW Who doesn't like a good sock monkey! I envy your crafty talent! And thanks for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. It was a riot to meet so many new people!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ohhhh my friend is going to flip at the sock monkey! She LOVESSS them. Totally forwarding this post to her!

You are so beyond talented!!


Queen of Feisty said...

First off, thanks for stopping by! It's been crazy reading all the posts. I have to say you totally caught me at "stamp set" and as I read and scrolled through this post, I must say you seem to have a love for Stampin' Up! as do I. I have been a demo for 4 years now, I teach classes every other week and love it! I love to take what I make and turn around and buy more with it!!

Your cards are cute! I am actually having some friends over tonight for stamping!

Have a crafty day!