Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Natural Disasters?

Please help me answer Miss B's question.

The other night she asked if, when we moved, we could get a house with a storm cellar. (She has been totally freaked out by all of the tornadoes and warnings we have had in this area.) I told her that I didn't think OR had tornadoes come through there. She then asked: "What kind of natural disaster happens in Oregon?"
I asked her why she wanted to know so badly and she informed me that she wanted to be "prepared." This prompted me to ask what exactly was she afraid of.
Miss B's answer: "Pretty much anything that can kill me, like: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, you know ...natural disasters." (All said in that tone that indicates to me should have known, mom.)

So today I googled: "natural disasters, Portland" and came up with a giant zippo, nada, nothing. Maybe this is good or maybe my search skills need refining. End result: I am asking anyone if they might know what natural disaster Miss B can freak about after the move.

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Michael Jacobs said...

Volcanic eruptions like Mount St. Helens?

Just trying to help. :)