Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doing Much Better, Thank You

Today has been going well. Yes, I made it to work and I feel so much better than yesterday. I actually feel like I can make it through the entire work day. I think I will pass on lunch though. Food does NOT sound appetizing at all. Since I have nothing more exciting going on I will leave you with a few bits of knowledge I have gleaned from my bout with food poisoning.

1. Forgo the pink stuff. Trust me it only makes things worse.

2. Ice is nice. Ice chips that is. I was not even able to keep water down and my supervisor suggested ice chips and whad-u-know it worked. At home, I turned my ice maker to crushed ice and kept a good supply of ice chips nearby.

3. Two extra pillows are good too. I held one against my stomach and the other on my back. This made resting a little more comfortable. (I forgot how much your back hurts after throwing up so much.)

4. A cool house and a couple blankets = sleep. I turned the AC down and grabbed a light blanket and voila it was like falling asleep at the movies.

5. Turn the ringer on all phones off especially the cell phone. Yesterday a kind but paranoid family member called me like 7 times to check on me after finding out I had food poisoning. Call me once to check on me/let me know you are concerned and after that if I need anything I will call you.

6. Keep a double lined small trash can nearby. I don't think this needs any explanation.

Well that is all I can think of now. Let me know if something else I haven't listed helps you.

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