Monday, May 5, 2008


A pic from a couple of years back: Miss B the Pirate & the Queen

We went to the some-what local Renaissance Faire this last weekend and a merry time was had by all. Huzzah! Uhm yeah, whatever.

Mr C and Miss B just LOVE the Ren Faires. They totally dig the whole experience: the clothes oops I mean garb, the Ren fair lingo, the food and everything else included. Me, I think it's okay but mostly I am kind of along for the ride.

As I wandered aimlessly through the graveled roads of this renaissance village trying to avoid stepping in the pony poop I took a long hard look at my surroundings and wondered....

...if there must have been a shortage of turkeys, seeing that almost everyone was chomping on a leg. Remember turkeys only have 2 legs so a hungry family of 4 means 2 less turkeys. tanned people were back then. Thanks to modern products like sunscreen, I wandered around as slick as a slug while maintaining my extremely pale visage. I'm not certain what people used centuries ago but without some SPF 10,15,25,35,45 or 50 they must have been sporting a pretty rockin' tan. (I use Banana Boat Baby Tear Free UVA & UVB Sunblock Lotion, SPF 50 or else my skin starts sizzlin') they survived without A/C or delt with the many heat strokes that probably occurred. -I admit I am a big weenie when it comes to the heat. I just can't take it. I get nauseated and my nose runs which always makes for a pretty picture. I am sure there were others that didn't handle the heat well. What in the huzzah did they do?

...What idiot came up with the word "huzzah" and why did people decide that this word should be shouted whenever something good was done or occurred?

If you were forced to live in the 1500s what modern day item would you not want to live without?

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