Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tornado Alley

Yep, that is where I am at. My city has not been instructed to take cover yet so what better thing to do than post. The rain is really coming down. The back end of my driveway and probably the garage are slightly flooded. Earlier the tornado sirens were going off and poor Miss B was freakin' out. She had me emptying out not one but two "safe place" closets. Finally I convinced her my much larger walk-in closet would be more comfortable than the smaller hallway closet. Next thing I know she is toting in bags of webkinz and other favorite stuffed animals for comfort. I packed a tote with bottled water and snacks at her insistance and as I was taking these bags to my closet I hear her hollering..."Mom! Don't forget to pack books!" By the time this storm passes I will have places for everything in my closet but us.

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Jen said...

Cracks me up to think of Bailey taking longer than the tornado warning to stockpile stuff in the safe room. ;)