Monday, May 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Weekend

I am still a bit of a mess/wreck from my up and down weekend so I will try to keep things simple.

Friday: Mr. C came home from a day of meetings at his work we will from here on out fondly call: Computer Company (They don't make computers or sell them but anywhere Mr.C works has to be computer/technology related.) He gives me the news that the Computer Company has us PORTLAND...THIS SUMMER!!!! OMG, you have got to be kidding me? I have to clean a house to be ready to sell and move across the country this summer?!!! I laughed, cried and ran around with my head on fire full of all things moving related while trying to pack to go to MIL's house for her 60th birthday. (She lives about 1 & 1/2 to 2hrs away depending on if you go the speed limit or not in our case.)

Saturday: Went to MIL's B-day party which was a blast. It was outside in a friend's giant backyard. I sat back in the shade with a couple of Mojitos and listened to the classic rock blare from the DJ's speakers. -Now this is the life.- Miss B was occupied with her cousin Miss J and other party people. ***Later I learned of Miss B's fascination with farts and renaming them. examples: said after the fact: punched a moose, busted a grumpy, (and my personal favorite) let the buck snort. The last she is proudly repeating thanks to her Poppy. I think someone exchanged my little Diva for a tomboy.

Sunday: Back home, we did the whole end of Sunday School thing with the assembly where awards were presented for perfect attendance and the Chai Club, a reading contest where each child reads 18 Jewish themed books during the year. They announced our impending move to OR to many parents and friends surprise and horror. At the end of the assembly we had a butterfly release and a picnic. Wouldn't you know those little suckers didn't want to fly off. They flew out of the envelopes they were in, landed on the ground and hung out for a time while the parents and the teachers desperately tried to keep the kids from tromping on them en route to the food. On my way to grab some grub the Rabbi pointed to one near him and told me "that one is going to Portland." Cue tears.

We had dinner with the E family. Mr E made absolutely fantabulous Mexican food for us while I gabbed with Mrs. S-E and watched Miss B play with little E. (Little E is the Cutest baby in 36 states, let me tell you.) After the wonderful dinner and time spent with our friends we left for home which was an adventure in itself. -You see during dinner and Gab-fest '08 Mr C indulged in yummy food, white wine, port and a cigar. We had to stop on the way home so he could ralph outside a local gas station. Miss B offered we could have a pit stop every couple of miles and daddy could just lean out the car door. This way he wouldn't have to get out of the car and we could get home quicker. What a resourceful child I have.

Today everyone is doing okay. Mr C is not sick but a little smarter as to what he should mix and not mix. I am trying to work without thinking about the move yet failing because I am talking to you guys about it. Miss B is probably telling everyone and anyone at school who will listen that we are moving because she always wants to be the bearer of news: good, bad or otherwise.


Eggo said...

Your move will not be allowed. The political action committee Friends Of The R Family will stick nails in your tires...

Mr E had a great time last nite too, and kept everything down! I have manly chest hair too. Grrr.

Maybe FOTRF can buy out Mr C's company.

brotayjax said...


I just learned of your move when reading the Jacobs site. I'm so sad!! I'm working on getting a site up for our family and hope to have it up next week. My email address is send me yours so I can send you an invite as ours will be private.

Do you know when your move will take place? I'm so shocked and saddened but hope this will be a positive thing for you and that it will bring your family joy and happiness. Know that you will be missed...

Alyson King