Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Heart Ikea

I have told a few more friends about the upcoming move and one of them suggested I check out the Ikea store when I get there. We are selling most of our gak and moving as little as we have to. I took the bait and checked out their site and let me just say...OMG! I love it. Furniture, organizers, curtains and more. I spent way too much time just ogling the different goodies on the site. Above is a really cool dresser I discovered that comes in black or white. No your eyes do not deceive you those are in fact cubbies for SHOES or Handbags!!!

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Eggo said...

you will love ikea even more when you actually go there. It's like shopping disneyland--a total recreational event (including lunch!) Much of our pre-here furniture is from there. Happy shopping! Mrs. E