Monday, May 19, 2008

So Much to Say

Sorry, sorry, sorry it has been forever since I have posted anything. I have been incredibly busy.
So here is what has been going on in the Kally-Zone.

Friday I was offered and accepted a new job at Mr C's place of know, Computer Co. So this means when we make the big move this summer I will not have to pound the pavement looking for a new job. I was sooooo excited when I got the offer I was jumping up and down in the elevator. I always wondered where Miss B got her "happy hop." Now I know. Later that evening we went to a cousin's High School Graduation which was so super long Miss B kept falling asleep but then someone would walk across the stage and the people seated behind us would SCREAM. She would awake with a jolt and then ask me if the cousin had been called up yet. She really didn't want to miss her chance to scream.

Saturday we met the E family at the Renaissance Faire. Yep, it's still going on and thankfully a major improvement was made. The horses pulling the carriages had a new accessory. They had booty bags on to catch the offensive pony poo. I no longer had to scope out my steps. It was fantastic. Not to mention the tons of fun we had with the E's. Even little E seemed to have a good time and an odd fascination with the faux skeletons in the "castle dungeon." After the faire we met at Kilkenny's The food was good but they didn't have my most favorite beer, Grimbergen. I had something that was similar but not as tasty.

Sunday we totally misunderstood where we were supposed to meet the Jacobs family and both families ended up at different events. Bummer :( We were at the Ren faire, again, and they were at a local event at the JCC. We decided this would be our last trip to the faire and Miss B informed her friends: The King, Queen, Princess and Monkey (Not a real monkey, a nick name.) of our move and said her goodbyes. Once we got to the car Miss B fell apart with tears flowing freely. It was so hard to see my girl so sad and it was even harder knowing there will be more heartbreaking goodbyes. To lift Miss B's spirits we took her to see the movie she has been on our cases about for months. Mr C got us some Mexican food from a place I shall not name, the initials are M.H. In the middle of the night I woke up in an awful condition. I had food poisoning. It was crazy bad and stupid me I had convinced myself I could make it through the day at work. Well, that didn't happen. After 2 1/2 miserable hours I checked out and went home. I am feeling a little better now and I think I can make it to work tomorrow. I just hope I am not fooling myself again.

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