Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Fever

Last night we attended the Jacobs Family baby shower. It was such a joyous event with a really good turn-out. Little kids and babies were everywhere so I definitely got my baby fix. It was so much fun to hold a little baby again. (Thanks Jocelyn!!) I loved getting to see so many of my friends and Miss B had a grand old time. Someone had the bright idea to give her camera duty. I spotted her running around with a pink digital camera and said a little prayer for a least a few good pics to come from her photo madness. Girlfriend was trying to take a close-up picture of my retainer right after I polished off a piece of chocolate cake. (Really who wants to see that? :p)

Miss B cheesing it up for the camera at the shower.


Jen said...

LOL - the retainer would have been the perfect addition to the collection! hee hee
I noticed you had Pacey on your lap pretty quickly. You're velcro mama! Thanks for helping us celebrate :)

Veggie Mom said...

I LOVE showers! There's something about the fresh start and the hopeful future that appeals to me so much! I'm going to a wedding shower in September, and I'm soooooo excited!

Jen said...

Not that I need a baby fix often but when I do, I am glad that my sister just had a baby. He is so cute and cuddly and the best part is that I can hand him back to her when he cries.
Thanks for sharing all you comment lovin' with me the other day.
a fellow sitsta.