Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little on the Crazy Side

Sorry if this post is filled with typos, doesn't make sense or seems a little nutso. That is just the mindset I am in right now. I feel so all over the place with barely a moment for a somewhat coherent thought to roll around my brain. While dealing with trying to sell/get rid of so much furniture, last minute packing and actually work at the office Mr C has become quite the stressed out grump. I guess I have been a little that way too and it is driving me CRAZY!!! I can't wait for the movers to get to our house to finish the packing and take everything away so I don't have to think about it for a little while.

I have tons of pics to post and things to tell you guys but every time Mr C catches me on the computer he gives me that look and I I'm checking my email :D (I must quickly close all blog windows and snap my laptop closed so I am not totally busted.) Maybe I can argue that my blogging & blog reading helps me de-stress and I will be a more productive packer. Somehow I don't think he will buy that.

***OSB Weigh in- lost .5 lbs. Not alot but I really haven't had the time to exercise that much this last week either.*****

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