Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog Hog

So I guess that is what I will be for the past and next few days. I am so tired from move stuff that I just don't feel I have the energy to put up a real post. BUT I am not so tired that I won't browse your blogs and even leave comments.

Here are some random thoughts:
What the heck is wrong with me. I have things to tell you but I just can't type them up.
My arms feel like bad it's not from working out.
My brain feels like mush but it is not the after affects of girls night out.
My throat hurts and I think it is from sleeping with my mouth open |o
I have a desk to pack but I am doing everything to avoid putting that junk in a box, including just piling it atop my desk.
I think I need to refuel....anybody got a diet coke?
I have decided my road read will be Twilight.
I am dreading being on the RV with a ton of other people and only one toilet. -Maybe we could designate a ladies only potty?
I promise to put up something real when I get my brain back to it's normal functioning state. Maybe that state is OR?

***This is crazy! I typed up more than what came up. Blogger just kinda wonked out on me and split the page with a previous saved draft of this and the current draft with more added. When I tried to publish the post, Blogger posted the last save without the new stuff! I am so not loving Blogger right now and you can too since I can't remember everything I typed up.

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