Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pain & a B-ism

Last night while packing my office, I injured my hand. Didn't think moving was going to be physically painful but I have learned my lesson. I was carrying a packed box from my office to the formal living room when I lost my footing and slammed my hand into a doorknob. Crunch!, OUCH! (and a ton of foul language filled the hallway). -Sorry about the language. It only comes out when I am in pain or grocery shopping.-
My last two fingers on my left hand began to swell and darken mid-finger. Mr C took care of me and iced the injured hand. Today the swelling has gone down but the fingers are still sore. Typing hurts so I will leave you with a B-ism.

This morning as I was attempting to fix my hair I noticed Miss B staring at me intently. "Is it really that bad?" I asked. She thought and stared for a moment.
"No, It's not that bad. You look like a troll doll on a Good hair day." she said matter of factly, shrugged and walked off.

Gee, Thanks Miss B.


Jen said...

That's awesome!

angie said...

I'm dying. I just choked a bit on my breakfast. So funny. Hope your hand feels better soon!

Belle said...

B-ism....I LOVE IT! We can always depend on our daughters to be honest!!

Tara said...

Oh that is hilarious!!! Too, too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweetie! Sorry about the hand! I swear few things hurt worse than hitting the top of your hand!