Monday, August 18, 2008

Play dates: Past, Present and Future

Since we are fast approaching the move date, Sept 3rd, Miss B has been having play dates out the wazoo! I notice with each play date I seem to lose status in the Kally house. Let me explain:

Play dates Past: Miss B had a play date/sleepover with Branson Princess. Mr C and I drove them around to various places to play and eat. They decided they were "the Queens". Miss B informed us of our place in the Queens' house.
Mr C: the Chauffeur
Hair & Make-up Maven (Branson Princess's Mom): the Entertainment (This is fitting since she always has me cracking up.)
Me, Kally: ...the Maid (gotta love my girl)

Play dates Present: Miss B had her friend, Xmen Lover, over for a sleepover. (Don't ask, I barely know why but the girl loves Xmen.) You name it, they did it. Wii, DS, staying up late, eating ice cream and more. I took them to see Kit Kittredge/American Girl in the theater and upon returning home, I quickly learned my new place.

I was in the kitchen puttering around when I hear Miss B tell Xmen Lover to find out what I had in the Soup Kitchen. What the Heck!? So now I am servin' it up in a Soup Kitchen? ....Apparently.

Play dates Future: Miss B is going to the City to spend some last minute time with the MIL and her cousin J Girl. I am sort of afraid to find out where those two little girls are going to put me now. On the streets? I feel so loved.

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