Friday, August 15, 2008

Spending Freeze

Here Ye, Here Ye: I have instituted a spending freeze upon my household (mainly myself) to keep from making unnecessary purchases thus causing me, Kally, even more work/packing to deal with. This has become incredibly hard as I browse your blogs and see the gorgeous pics of purchases from Talbots, the Loft, J.Crew and more....Oh no! Not to forget my favorite store, Target. As I type these store names I keep telling myself that once I reach my destination, Portland, I will get to shop, Shop, SHOP!

Ikea and Target and Marshalls galore. Malls, the Saturday Market and I promise not to miss each and every corner store.
Going to the Pearl, Trendy-third and Hawthorne too. So many shops and stops and so much to do.
Getting manis, pedis and highlights for the fall. Finding cute boutiques in the Northwest District and making one more trip to the mall.
Hitting Spendy-first for a quick bite to eat. Then going to a movie or a pub for a treat.
And at the end of the day the last thing I will to look at my purchases and take a few pics so I can share them with you.

Love to all!


angie said...

I really hate self imposed freezes. And why does everything have to go on sale and be super cute right when you need to NOT buy? :)

Julia said...

Okay... well, now that I'm actually reading YOUR blog, this is a lot more fitting to you. I wonder how it took me this long to figure it out. Well, while you're shopping in Portland, we'll be missing you here!

olof said...

Hope you will have a drivers license to get to all of these places to shop in peace.