Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reality Round-up/ Jo & Slade

Last night I realized that I have been sucked into yet another reality show. The bad thing is it really isn't that great. Normally I love, Love, LOVE my Bravo reality shows which usually contain the perfect balance of drama and skill. (Project Runway, Top Chef, Real Housewives -hey it takes some skill to learn how to wield a credit card the way they do, right?) Then why oh why I ask have I been sucked into: Date My Ex: Jo & Slade?!?!?! Maybe it is because it reminds me of my beloved OC housewives whom I miss very much...too bad Bravo couldn't get one of them to guest grill some of these tools that go on "dates" with Jo. Every episode is the same with different people playing the roles:

The Main Cast:
Slade -an aging business man now Jo's manager? Now he is playing Peeping Tom on all of Jo's pre-arranged "reality dates." Oh, he lives with all of these guys too. He used to have kids on housewives but I bet after taking on Jo he felt she was more childish than his other 2 and we haven't seen them since. I find it funny that the older he gets the tighter his shirts are. I have found this to be typical today of men in Mid-Life Crisis -Take a look a Simon Cowell- enough said.

Jo -The OCs favorite gold-digger/drama queen. Unfortunately, as she has aged in years, she has regressed mentally resorting to baby-talking through 75% of the show. Ugh! She goes out on arranged dates with 3 new guys every episode and at the end chooses one to have a second date with. This "lucky" guy gets to stay in the house and wait for the next round of men to come through.

The Dates:

The Shy Guy: This poor guy is usually from a wholesome place like MN or grew up on a fishing boat and looks LOST in LA. He takes Jo on some crazy date where he thinks he will look cool by: gutting a fish, skeet shooting or sledding. He always feels the chemistry but obviously Jo doesn't since the Shy Guy is always the first to get the boot.

Slade-a-like: This one I also refer to as Slade's Choice. He is the one that Slade conveniently tells Jo "he's a lot like me." He takes her on a nice date. They have a good time. She tells him he is sweet/funny and in the end semi-stresses between choosing him or the other guy. She sends this one off with a friendly hug and pat on the back.

Mr. Moneybags aka Ego-tastic: This guy is always the biggest tool of the bunch. Slade hates him and by default Jo loves him. He has money, an okay to A+ body -this varies depending on how much $ he has, connections, and an ego the size of Antarctica. Jo always picks this loser.

End of story. It's crazily filled with staged drama and sad looks of longing from Slade. Jo might pick one of the losers in the end but will probably dump him when she's bored and continue hanging out with Slade. Please avoid this show at all costs! You don't want to get sucked into this empty vortex of reality TV and lose an hour of your life to it every Monday night. Wait until Wednesday and watch Project Runway instead.


TAG said...

I loved her on Real Housewives... especially when she was getting on the hot air balloon and insisted on taking her Louis Vuitton Speedy with her. "It's like my pet." I'm not crazy about her on this show. I still think the show's a hoax and she's going to end up with Slade.

Belle said...

Hmmm...I do not know this Jo and Slade. I might just have to tune in.

Anonymous said...

I turned that crap on because I liked both of them from The OC. But that show, just sucks.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Very cute synopsis! I love Housewives and I thought she was a hoot (but you know- the same way I thought they all were funny- in the more *make*fun of them sort of way) but after watching a few mins of the first episode I had to turn it off. Her voice just makes my skin crawl. Which is probably not good considering she wants to be a singer. I sort of wonder if he perhaps lost his job in the OC after being on the show- like Bethenny's boyfriend did from the NYC show? And maybe that's why he followed her to LA?