Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baja Not So Fresh

Check out this Pic

My Words for it
Do you ever eat at Baja Fresh?? I did and liked it a lot. Have you read the sign? I am pretty sure it says something about "That means you won't find freezers, can openers or microwaves in a Baja Fresh location" I thought it was awesome that everything served there was "fresh." One evening, while I was munching on a Baja Fresh burrito, I looked up and happened to see all of those CANS through the kitchen window. What?!?! Sorry but cans do NOT = Fresh for me. I felt fooled. The food was still okay but really Baja Fresh shouldn't tell lies to the peeps about what they are going to eat. We DON'T like it!! And I haven't been back since.


pixie said...

Baja "Fresh" does say they don't used can openers! WOW! Proof is in those pictures... unless they use their teeth to open the cans??

Everyday Is Delicious said...

That does feel so wrong to me! I'm so glad you 'outed' them!