Monday, January 19, 2009

Heating Pad Weekend

I don't know if you could call date night a complete success because we didn't go "out" for the date. I did accomplish getting my run on and some crafting at ScrappyGirl's. B went to her friend's house for the sleepover and the Mr and I went back to the house. My head & neck were killing me and the Mr kindly suggested I put the heating pad back on my neck and he would get take-out date dinner. He went to my favorite pasta place and brought back dinner. He put everything on the pretty plates and even poured wine. It was sooooo nice to be able to enjoy a nice dinner, lights dimmed, no company, no kiddo, just me and my Mr. Afterwards I put the heating pad back on my neck. I know, pretty romantic of me, huh?

Sunday I got to sleep in!! This was so nice. I was almost sad to actually wake up. But I had things to do so I dragged my happy heinie out of the bed and got going for the day. We picked up Miss B from her friend's (the little red haired girl's) house and raced to the birthday party she was to attend. The party was a bowling party so we thought we should stay but the mom in charge quickly informed us otherwise. Wow! An afternoon to ourselves. So we did what anyone else would do....the Mr got a hair cut which I supervised. (I was not about to allow another Saving Private Ryan haircut.) Then we had Taco Bell for lunch. "Why Taco Bell?" you ask. .....because they have SPORKS! (I'll have to tell you later of my great love for this type of utensil.) After picking up the B girl, I made my way back home to the heating pad.

Today my neck is still hurting but not as badly as last week. I think my weekend get away with the heating pad has helped. What do you do when you have a pain in the neck? -Please don't suggest a bone cruncher (chiropractor) cuz I am skerred ta death of them!!!


Something In The Glass said...

Ibuprofen or Aleve always work for me! Sorry your date night didn't happen. That's a bummer.

But, getting to sleep in is PRICELESS.

Veggie Mom said...

Take a long hot bath, least a couple times a day. Always helps to ease the aches and pains! Hope you're feeling better soon!!