Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Sorta Happy Snow Day

It is snowing AGAIN so my day started out a little grouchy. Really, I thought we already met our snow quota for this winter. Why more?! Grouch factor increased after getting stuck behind the slowest driver in the world going 1 mph. So what did I do with my time being wasted by Elliot Von Turtle in front of me?
I took a picture of the offending slow driver, of course. Watch out for this guy. He will drive you bananas.

I arrived to work ready to grump out when I noticed something that turned my day around.
Doughnuts in a Bucket!!!!

Yummy Town :)
Hey it's not that bad of a day after all; as long as I can stay inside with the doughnuts!

To everyone out there dealing with the ice and snow: I am thinking of you and will have a yummy doughnut just for you and then run on the treadmill tonight to make up for it. (maybe those of you stuck at home could have a glass of wine or -insert cold bev here- for me cuz I don't think Computer Co would approve of me having one here :)


A.D. said...

Where on Earth do you get a bucket of doughnuts? That's hilarious. I'm stuck at work too...no donuts and no drinks *sigh*! Be careful on your way back home. Those other drivers are crazy!!!

Something In The Glass said...

Looks like we had the same commute this morning. Only I wasn't stuck behind a turtle. Do you come in from the west side? Just curious, the pic looks like Hwy 26.

Jen said...

wine sounds good... don't think hubby lurking upstairs with his laptop would appreciate my checking out with the kids home though. :P
i want one of those donuts

♥georgie♥ said...

ooooo we got the ice here...we are nice n toasty by the fire...donuts in a bucket how cute is that...yes have one for me please

Eggo said...

mmmmm...donuts... As you can imagine, everything is totally shut down here in T-town, so I'm feeling some solidarity w/our Portland friends. Ah ice storm...just not the same when you and your family aren't staying with us!

Something In The Glass said...

You've got an award! Come see it!

Veggie Mom said...

It's like the entire country is enveloped in this nasty "wintry mix." I just wish they issued permits to drivers for snow and ice; nothing worse than being out there on slippery roads with a bunch of crazies!

ParentingPink said...

Ooooooh. Doughnuts in a bucket, yum!

Thanks for stopping by my SITS featured blog today! I love meeting new bloggers!

Julie said...

That's so funny...bucket o doughnuts. Wish we had one now.