Monday, January 5, 2009


It's about that assess my shoe collection and decide what needs to stay and what gets the heave ho to make room for more. Of course, I have to do this backwards by looking around for what I might add first. I know I should clean the closet of unwanted shoes first but therein lies the problem I am pretty sure I want all of my shoes and then some.

Here are a few of the new trendy shoes I have been looking at. Tell me, do you think they are a "Way to Go!" or an "Oh, NO!" ?

Say a pair of your favorite heels and your man's dress shoes hooked up. These could be their baby. For some reason I am intrigued by these shoes. Could it be because they really are cute and would look great with a nice dress pant or because they remind me of something the Wicked Witch of the West would wear (Pacific Northwest -in my case). Hmmmm....Way to Go or Oh, NO ????

Next on the list are these. First off, let me say that I am leaning more towards Oh, NO! on these. Supposedly, animal prints are still in but I am beginning to wonder...Do I really want to have them on my shoes??? (I love the style of this shoe but don't really dig the print.)

On to the next shoe. Someone decided that Berry, Jewel & Wine Tones are "in" right now for shoes. That Someone must have been smoking crack because I CANNOT find a single pair that I would even want to wear around the house. I don't dare mention taking them for a stroll where people might see them. Definitely an OH, NO!!!!!

***The biggest Oh, No! was a pair of heels I spotted at Target. They were Berry/Wine Toned with little rhinestones all over them. I swear it looked like Granny got after them with the Be dazzler. I have spared your eyes the horror of these shoes by omitting a pic. Please, venture into Target's shoe department carefully or you might just run into these shoes and run away screaming.***

Now, on to better looking shoes. I love a good pair of boots and it seems the new trend for boots are flat bottoms. Due to the fact that I have no legs, well really really short legs, I need a little heel on a boot. Here are some that I think are okay but I could do without all the buckles. What do you think? Way to go! or Oh, No!

Last but not least...Satin and sparkle. No, not the kind you wore to prom that were dyed to match your dress. These are fantastic, fabulous, my absolute favorite. I think I am going to purchase these cuties ASAP!!!

What do you think?


angie said...

I've noticed all the buckles on boots this season!

Happy New Year!

♥georgie♥ said...

ahhhhh shoes a womans legal form of crack...I have a shoe and handbag addiction I could never part with the red heels

Cloggsy said...

Hi Kally,

Chloe from English Tea here. I have another Coach bag I'm trying to sell, if you're interested. It's the wipe clean fabric (not sure what they call it exactly!) and is pink and white signature. I can email you a pic, just let me know!

Veggie Mom said...

My daughter is a complete shoe nut. She has more shores than anything else in her wardrobe! Me, I'm a Birkie-wearing kinda gal...but also own several Coach handbags!

Eggo said...

I like the heel/men's shoe combo and the red satin numbers. Go for it!

P.S. Keep an eye on the mail...something's on it's way to B.