Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss B LOVES the E's

Did you hear the ear piercing screams?
Last night our doorbell rang. -Don't know why but it always freaks me out when our doorbell rings and I am not expecting anyone. -I know, feel paranoid lately Kally?- I guess so because I peaked around the corner at the top of the stairs while the Mr answered the door. He walked back into the house carrying a white package with the instructions that it was for B. I carried it up to the kiddo and watched as she struggled with the plastic wrapping. The girl barely got the thing opened when the screaming began. (I think I can still hear the high pitched ringing in my ears.)

The Reason why:

The E Family sent her this cute little hooded shirt. My girl loves the Packers! (Enough to scream incredibly loud!!!)


Jen said...

They made her a big Wisconsin fan, huh? It looks good on her.

Something In The Glass said...

What a cutie!

Oh, and I'm the same way about the door. I NEVER answer the door when I'm not expecting someone.

A.D. said...

I just tagged you!!!