Friday, January 30, 2009

Journey through Adolescence, 1st Stop

Hey, hey it's Friday!!!! (I am singing the I'm happy it's Friday song.)

This morning the Mr and I were discussing the adventures in adolescence that Miss B has started going through. Sooooo All Aboard because you get to enjoy this journey with me.

First Stop: Argumentative Alley
In the past B has always been a very easy-going girl without much complaint when I tell her no or pretty much anything. Lately, the girl has chosen to argue with me over ANYTHING & EVERYTHING....even over things as insignificant as bath/shower soap. It is drivin' me NUTS!

I explained to the Mr her slick argument tactics.
She will argue when she thinks she is right and she will argue when she knows she is wrong. The part that makes me head straight to crazy town is: when I point out when she is wrong. She recognizes she is wrong and yet she STILL persists in continuing the argument and then as a last ditch effort says "mom, this is silly. YOU shouldn't argue with me over something as little as this." ---AAaaaaaRRRRRRGGG!!!!!! (Crazy Town: party of 1 -that would be me.)

As I explained this to the Mr, a grin and then a smile spread across his face. He looked at me and said "That is exactly what my dad and I went through when I was a kid." --Well I guess that explains everything. The B girl is JUST like her dad. Now I understand why the Mr's Dad chose to sleep outside when he came to visit us years ago!!!!

Have a great weekend All!


angie said...

Too funny!

Under you at SITS roll call, stopping by to say hi!

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL...i am sorry but I live in crazy town....too cute!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...'s only just begun. I didn't have this experience raising a son...but a daughter...WHEW!