Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Conversations with B

Miss B: Is it February yet?
Kally: No, it's still January. Why do you ask?
B: I am tired of January. I just wish it was February.
K: Why? (trying not to laugh)
B: Can you just tell me when it is February? I am through with this month.

-Wow, the things massive amounts of homework can do to a kid. She is ready to omit a month from the calendar. What she doesn't know is I plan on celebrating the end of the giant homework projects with a day of pampering for her. This will include a mani-pedi, possibly a mini shopping spree, and dinner out. (B will LOVE it. She is all about being treated like a diva.)


A.D. said...

I know how she feels. I am so over this month and ready for it to be outta here!!! Thanks for the award!!! I'll blog about it soon.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Here's to hoping the February is better for EVERYBODY!!!