Friday, January 23, 2009

Yer Not Hannah Montana!!

Last night the little Darlin', B, told me that her friends ask her to "talk with a southern accent." They think she should have a southern drawl since we are from Oklahoma. I wondered...Do we really sound so different from everyone else?

Well I guess there are a couple of things we say like:

me - I am a Y'aller...meaning I say Y'all ALOT. I didn't realize how much said it before cuz everyone else was sayin' it too. Oh, I say ain't sometimes too. (Drove my momma nuts with this because she is from Chicago.) I also use a double negative... mostly when I am lyin' example: I didn't do nothin.' (Mom always busted me when I was a lyin' little kid because of this. She always said "2 negatives = a positive. This means you are lying to me." She also had my brother and me convinced that if we lied our tongue would turn black and prove the lie. We would lie and she would tell us to stick out our tongues. You wouldn't believe how tightly I would clamp down my mouth, shaking my head no quickly, saying a muffled "un uh, un uh!" --Don't ya just love the lies some parents tell their kids to catch them lyin?)

B - I have no clue why but the child cannot pronounce the word "acorn." What she says sounds like -aykern- (really fast). The MIL pointed this one out to me a long time ago and no matter how many times I try with her the word always comes out aykern.

the Mr - he says "halfening." Once again I am clueless as to where this came from or really what it even means. I don't even think I can use it properly for you but it always cracks me up to hear him use this word.

Golly Day! I think I am the worst of the whole bunch of us!!!! (How did that happen?)
Maybe cuz mah daddy says to "warsh yer hands" and mah grandpa always slept on a "piller."


Jen said...

Do you say SACK and SUCKER?? Then you are from Oklahoma.

Kally said...

I say sucker but not sack. Does bag -pronounced (ba-ig)-count?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Cute picture. My mother, who has never EVER had a drop of alcohol pass her lips calls beer "bear" and she can't say the name Cindy...she calls my cousin's wife Sydney. Her sister cannot say the word wierd...she says "wier-red." Oh mercy...I could go on and on.

Something In The Glass said...

After six years here, I still get comments about my accent (which, personally, I think is almost gone).

Here are some Okie words/phrases that I can offer along with their Oregon counterpart:

Oregon Version: Loy-yer
Okie Version: Law-yer

Oregon Version: Getting ready to
Okie Version: Fixin' to

Oregon Version: Oregonians put things "away."
Okie Version: Okies put things "up."

Oregon Version: Kitty corner
Okie Version: Catty Corner

and last, but certainly not least...

Oregon Version: Shopping Cart
Okie Version: Buggy.

Kally said...

Oh my! I am guilty of 3 of those Okie offenses!

pixie said...

Speaking of Oregonians...

Just moved to Oregon 2 years ago from living in California my whole life... for the life of me I can't get used to Oregonians using the word "pop" for soda. In Cali we called everything "Coke"!

Something In The Glass said...

I can't stand the word pop either! Okies call everything coke, too... I got an email once that said - You know you're an Okie if you've ever had this conversation:

"You want a coke?"
"What kind?"
"Dr. Pepper."

Guess that applies to Californians, too!

Kally said...

Guess I am an odd ball when it comes to this one I call it soda sounds like "s-oh-duh" :)

Veggie Mom said...

I'm originally a Texan, and my Yankee daughters accuse me of "howdying" too much. But like "y'all," "howdy" has so many uses! Don't think I'll ever get out of the habit.

Eggo said...

do what now??

don't forgot that one! J

penguinsandladybugs said...

Don't even get me started! I am from and still in Texas. I speak this lingo TOO well! Sometimes, I make fun of it so much that it becomes part of my vocabulary! Cute post!!

Veggie Mom said...

BTW, Uncle Lynn decided to join the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival this week, so we're having an impromptu Pop'rs Giveaway this week!