Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend WhazZup?!

It is so NOT fun to term my talking about my weekends as updates so I have decided to name my weekend update posts as "Weekend WhazZup?!" and because I think of my WhazZups in bits and pieces I will probably break things up into list format.

Some Terms that might help you:
Rew - Rewind
FF - Fast Forward

  • Rew: To start my wacky weekend off, I jankied up my leg. I was going upstairs and wow, wow, wow the Pain. My achilles tendon and the heel of my foot were hurting like mad. For the rest of the weekend I wore an ankle brace and hobbled around like I was in desperate need of a cane. FF: We all had to dress up in the office here at Computer Co today and crazy Kally thought it would be okay to wear heels. I wasn't all crazy I brought a pair of flats just in case.

  • Rew: We took Miss B to a birthday party. My word! This was one of the strangest tween parties I have ever attended. The girls ran around the house, screaming at the top of their lungs while one of them chased the others with a Teletubby. During cake time there was a rousing discussion on how much they hated the Jonas Brothers. Followed by more screams. (I had to agree with the tweens here. I think there should be a law against boys owning a flat iron and skinny jeans.) Then the party became a tween girl hatefest. They all "hated" Jo Bros, Twilight, Hanah Montana's new hair, and many other Disney Tween things.

  • Rew: Wacky Weather: Now you can't have a proper wacky weekend without involving the weather. Yesterday we had a rain cloud over our house. (I am not speaking figuratively here either.) The rain was falling right outside my house and once I was 2 houses away the sun was out and shining bright enough for shades. About 30 minutes later I noticed little pieces of sleet beginning to fall. Then in no time at all we had full blown hail falling from the sky. This was not Oklahoma type hail, this hail was much smaller but it covered the ground like a layer of snow/ice/whatever. FF: This morning we had snow. It didn't stick but a ton of snow fell. Then the sun came out. This pattern repeated twice. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was back in Oklahoma with all of this indecisive weather.

    ***I guess I'll end with a B-ism.
    When we had our guests over for dinner last week, the Mr thought he could be funny and get her to say something cute so he said "Miss B, what is it we say? If mama isn't happy...."
    (of course, the girl never acts upon command)
    B: (wild, crazed, scared look across her face) HIDE!!!!!

    Once again, thanks a lot B.


    Jen said...

    Great B-ism. That goes for our house as well. ;)

    Deborah דְּבוֹרָה said...

    hahaah! "jankied" and "HIDE!"


    Xazmin said...

    Thanks for making me laugh! If mama aint happy - HIDE! I think that's way better than the other saying!

    Craftymoose Crafts said...

    Stopped over from SITS to say hi! Hope your ankle is better. Can't wait to check out your other blog!

    Something In The Glass said...

    Love the Weekend Whazzup and the Rew FF format. Nice, very nice.

    I'm so glad I missed that crazy weather!!!