Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weird Dreams & Workouts

I have been having some of the worst dreams lately. Not bad/scary dreams but definitely NOT enjoyable ones. Most of these strange dreams have included: people coming to visit/stay at my house, more snow and people dying. I knew I shouldn't have watched that 2 hour long show about the Plague on the History channel but I just couldn't change the channel. Now I think I am suffering the consequences of watching that awful show. I am hoping to chase away those crazy dreams with some American Idol tonight or at the very least morph the current bad dreams into something including music.

Last night I went with ScrappyGirl to the gym. I thought I would change it up a little and ride the bike. Okay so the guy already running on the treadmill made up my mind for me but Wow Wow Wubbzy did I work out my legs. I forgot how different it is riding the bikes and for awhile I have kinda looked down my snooty little nose at the stationary bike lovers. I have learned my lesson. After cranking up the resistance to an unbelievable level and pedaling my heart out (while huffing & puffing like a geriatric wolf) I must give out some props to the bike riders!!! These peeps must have some legs of steel (unlike mine that felt sorta like spaghetti noodles trying to wobble up some stairs). I am headed back to the gym Wednesday night for round 2 or maybe I will just take on the elliptical instead. Who knows?

***Holla at all the Leprechauns out there!! Happy St. Patrick's!!!***


Claremont First Ward said...

Happy St. Patrick's day!

I haven't rode a bike in forever, so I know if I got on one I'd have some seriously sore legs the next day! :)

Something In The Glass said...

I've been suffering from weird dream-ness too. So strange. Must be something in the Portland air.

Have fun on whatever workout equipment you choose!!