Friday, March 13, 2009

Power of the Purse & a Craftastic Saturday

I went with ScrappyGirl last night to a charity event for Girls Inc called Power of the Purse. This was so much fun. We ran around in fake pearls and ogled pretty purses and bags I could only dream of owning. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement but the food was tiny with the exception of the dessert which was my demise. This morning I awoke feeling as if I had been drawn & quartered, magically had my limbs attached and then been drug through the mud. After a short morning chat with ScrappyGirl we came to the conclusion that it was the dessert that killed me. (She is feeling fine and dandy.) Word to the wise...avoid the chocolate mousse cake with extra chocolate icing or else you will suffer the morning after death by dessert feeling I have. I rustled up some dirt flavored coffee to try to perk myself up but could only suffer through half of the tiny Styrofoam cup before dumping it down the drain. I am hoping my veggie-fide lunch can bring me back to the land of the living :)

I thought this purse was so cute. It wasn't in the auction but I thought it was crazy cool that the designer, Jayne Dearborn, has had some of her bags featured on Ugly Betty.

ScrappyGirl fell hard for this bag and despite my crappy camera skills you can see why. That rich brown leather was so lush and I found the design to be absolutely amazing.

When I noticed this beauty I thanked my lucky stars Miss B stayed home with the Mr. The girl would have bid on this purse with every bit of what is in the bank....and then some.

Finally here is the purse I dreamed of taking home with me. I think it was made from lambskin. I touched the pretty pink purse and I swear it was like buttah. I wanted this sooo bad and I just watched it float away on a cloud to the winning bidder.

Shoshana Bean singing a Wicked song. She has appeared on Broadway in Hairspray and Wicked. Loved, Loved, LOVED this part of the evening!

****Tomorrow ScrappyGirl will be hosting a Mom & Me crafting event and has room for more. For any of you local Moms interested it will be: this Saturday from 2-5pm and cost is $12 per family or $8 if you come w/o kiddos in tow. Click HERE to see her site and let her know if you are interested in coming. I will be there with Miss B!!!


Anonymous said...

Swinging in from SITS - that sounds like such a fun time!

Something In The Glass said...

What a fun night! Dessert and purses, what more could you ask for?

Side note, Hubby grew up with Shoshana - I guess they were a pretty strange family. But isn't that where all the truly talented people come from? :o)

Veggie Mom said...

That lambskin bag sure is pretty in pink! I have a young lady who sure would *heart* it to pieces!

Anonymous said...

Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog...