Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blending In With the Rest of Them

Yep. It was me today walking in downtown Portland today carrying:
2 purses
1 backpack
1 extra set of clothes
1 plastic bag with stuff in it
And talking to myself about how I looked like a bag lady.

So there you go. I was the crazy lady walking down the street, carrying a ton of crud, and yelling at no one in particular.


Something In The Glass said...

I think I saw you. HAHAH Either that, or it was just another one of the thousands of people around here who leave their house carrying everything with them.

Welcome to Portland. You are truly one of "US" now.

pixie said...

I *THOUGHT* that was you! I knew I should've just said hi instead of tossing you that dollar.

Seriously, though, Hubby calls my purse my "Mary Poppins' bag" because it's huge and is just filled with stuff -- so don't feel so bad!