Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Round-Up

YeeHaw!!! It was Country Week y'all on good ole AI. Now as always I will tell you my faves (+1s) and the ones I'd rather forget (-1s).

+1 Megan Joy - I really have not liked this girl the entire season and have been hoping she gets the boot every time I see her do that weird jerky move she always makes. Now with that being said I am betting you are wondering why I stuck her in my +1 column. Here is my reason: Patsy Cline done different. OMG how I love me some Patsy Cline and Miss Megan reminded me of this. I even kind of liked her version of Walking After Midnight. She sounded very jazzy and reminiscent of Diana Krall for me.

+1 Allison Iraheta - Wow! This girl is really growing on me. I don't know what it is about her but the more I hear her sing the more I like her. So keep singing Allison, I want to hear more. (I do NOT get why everyone seems so surprised at the maturity in her voice. Did everyone else miss the clip showing how the girl has been singing since she was like 8-ish???)

+1 Anoop - Originally, I loved Anoop for his Dorky Boy charm but his performance last night was AWESOME!!!! That boy can sing! I could listen to Anoop sing his version of Always On My Mind over and over and over and over and over and over .....

-1 Scott MacIntyre - I really do like this guy and I agree with Simon on keeping him behind the piano but I was disappointed in his song choice. One can listen to so many inspirational ballad like songs before one is tempted to either ff or change the channel. If he sticks around I would love to hear him sing/play something more upbeat & lively.

-1 Adam Lambert - Am I the ONLY AI watcher who can't stand this guy??? I just don't like him. He looks like somebody put Pete Wentz & Joe Jonas in a blender. He sounds like he is trying to sing like Freddie Mercury half of the time and I have no clue the other half. I think it was a mistake to do that to a Johnny Cash song. Too bad everyone else seems to love this guy and he will coast through despite it all.

-1 Michael Sarver - The song he chose did not really showcase that much vocal range. It did show me that he might be in the competition to be America's Next Super Fast Singer. (and if he could talk as fast as he sung that song he could probably be the next micro machine guy) He is a nice guy but I think it is goodbye for our Oil Rig Roughneck :(

Judging the Judges

Enough all ready with the over the top dramatic judge entrance. I really hate this crazy, long, boring opening. The only thing that could possibly make this good with me is if somebody tripped on the way to the table. (I don't want to see anything hurt but some pride here.)

Simon - Had me rolling with laughter in his refusal to call Lil "Lil" but instead referred to her as Little. I get the feeling if he calls her Little one more time she might just punch him out.

Kara - Good lordy be! This girl was 2 shoulder pads away from some Dynasty get-up!

So who did you love/hate last night?


Tanielle said...

I really need to get caught up on my AI watching, I am sooo behind this year!!

Have a great rest of your night!!!!


Something In The Glass said...

So appreciative of your AI roundup. I haven't been watching for a while, but am trying to keep up with it all.

By the way, I'm a HUGE Patsy fan, too. Is Sweet Dreams one of the BEST MOVIES EVER or what? :o)