Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember When Wednesday

On my way into the office this morning, my eyes were temporarily blinded and my memory was in need of a good bleach scrubbing to erase some major construction crack! Ewwww!!! Seeing this atrocious site made me think of how guys in the 90s and sadly some today would sport the baggy pants belted half-way down their bums with their boxer clad booties hanging out the other half. Serious Blech :p Well this guy must have forgotten the whole boxers are a must to complete this gangsta wannabe look or else the world would end up eyeing your goods and crying in agony about it later! (like me: Aahhhh! My eyes! My eyes!!!)

Remember When: For me it was high school when all of those boys thought they were da bomb if they wore their pants 5 sizes too big and halfway down their rears. I was not a fan of this look then and I still can't stand it now when some random guy walks by with those draggy drawers. How in the world were so many girls lovin' this look and thus convincing so many confused high school boys to keep steppin' it up a notch??? Remember how they had to belt these baggy pants with the extra long braided belt?

I think the best critique of the gangsta wannabe baggy pants look was straight from a 90s movie.
I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and we're supposed to swoon? I don't think so! -Cher/Clueless


Xazmin said...

I HATE that look! Whenever I see someone wearing their pants like that, I just want to go pull them down to their ankles and say "idiot!"


Anonymous said...

'Remember when'? Yeah, I wish. I see that look every day in the halls of my high school. Not into the gangsta look at all -- not the low pants, not the baggy sweatshirts, not the hats, none of it. Yech.

Something In The Glass said...

I ALWAYS think of Clueless when I see guys dressed this way.

Susie Q said...

Well, since I'm older than you....what I can't figure out is this....most of these young men will NEVER have those butts again....they'll get older and the butts will get saggier....wear the tight fitting jeans while you can and while you look good in them...otherwise it's just wasted. Yeah, I was in college during Urban Cowboy days...and went to HS in TN, GA and TX when guys wore jeans that fit...and oh my, that WAS fun...

My sons honestly don't wear their pants like this. Few times of walking past mom and she yanked on the knees to see if they were tight enough...yeah, it broke them of that just a couple of times...and I didn't care if their friends were around when they got pantsed.