Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bad Lipgloss

My admission: I love lip gloss, lipstick, chap stick, lip stains, lip balms....you get the point, right. Well, this morning I tried out a new gloss with the little lip brush on the end... twist, apply and go. I was on my way to work and lovin' my look. The Scene: My work desk is in a place where everyone stops by and chats. So by default I end up doing a ton of talking. I had not looked in the mirror since this morning until about 10 minutes ago. I made a quick stop in the ladies and when I smiled in the mirror I about passed out. Somehow my lip gloss managed to get off my lips and into my retainer. Yes you read that right, I repeat into my clear retainer. The Crime: What really chaps my hide the most about this: Why the heck didn't any of my co-workers tell me I had pink teeth?

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Eggo said...

I have lip gloss/tint/etc.. on the brain, too! I just spent way too much money on Benefit Benetint lip and cheek tint. (b-day present to myself! I love Sephora!) So far I really like it, and no pink teeth--it stays put. It looks really great on cheeks, too--subtle and natural. Question: How'd u get the gloss out of your retainer???