Monday, July 14, 2008

Travel, Shopping & Wiikend Activities

Mr C and I drove to the city to get Miss B from the MIL's house. When we arrived no one was home since Miss B was at her cousin J-girl's house. They arrived shortly after we settled down and Miss B almost knocked me over with her hug. (This has been one of her favorite things to do lately -to rush me like she is excited to see me and give me a hug but then instead almost tackles me.) Both Miss B and J-girl were jumping up and down with excitement squealing when J-girl came up and informed me she was coming to the mall with us. Originally, I did not have plans to go to the mall but they won me over with their excitement so we all piled into the car to hit the mall. -Later I asked Miss B why she told everyone we were going to the mall and she said "Well Mom, that is what you want to do every other time you come here. Yikes! My girl has recognized my love of the mall.-

Sunday: My Birthday! I had a great time. The day started slow. It was so nice to relax and not feel rushed to go somewhere. I played a little Wii Bowling and beat my high score. I have now officially bowled a 192. w00t! Then we went shopping and I purchased some cute tops from Marshalls and my favorite buy of the day -my little happy b-day to me- a Lilly Pulitzer nightie. I love, love, love it. We finished the day with a nice Italian dinner out and came home TIRED. ***Forgot we also went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth and it was okay, a little tense at times but definitely a kids movie(ages 9 & up). Miss B liked and at times she can be a bit critical of movies, for example, she was not that impressed with the lack of character development in Prince Caspian.**** I received a ton of well wishes on my birthday from all of my friends. Thank you!

Here is the Lilly. -Well, kind of. I just realized I couldn't download pics of Lilly clothes from the site :( so I found another pic elsewhere. Mine is not green but the pretty wave blue color.

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Oh I had that in my hand this afternoon. I decided to put it back. What was I thinking?