Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shoes for ....Me?

For the last couple of days we have been coming home to a sign on our door from UPS stating they tried to make a drop off when we were not at home. The slip of paper doesn't have a name for who the package is for but it does name that it is coming from Zappos! I was convinced I would be getting the neighbor's shoes and my curiosity would demand that I open the box. Sorry neighbor, thought they were mine. After getting home from an extremely exhausting day, Mr C asked me to check the mail. I was hoping to find money in the mailbox (still haven't received that long awaited stimulus check yet) but no money there just junk mail. :p When I went back inside I noticed another UPS notice for the Zappos attempted delivery. Dang-it, I was getting shoes even if they really did belong to a neighbor (with my luck they would have been Dr. Scholl's, blech!)! Oh well, I thought maybe the delivery guy would get a clue and stop getting my hopes up and deliver the shoes to the rightful owner. About an hour and a half later our doorbell rang so I sent Mr C to get it. It was UPS with the Zappos delivery. We tried to tell the guy he probably had the wrong address and he argued "No, it's a Zappo's delivery.....for Kally. I was shocked and then after looking at the small size of the box it was obvious there weren't any Kally sized shoes in there. I opened the box expecting flyers, promos and stickers since I have ordered from Zappos before but instead I found a gift card from the E family!!! Woot! I love you guys! Thank you so very much. It's always great to get surprise shoes.

So what do you think of these babies? I can hardly wait to get them.

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