Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Wii Bit Sore

I love my Wii fit! We just got the fit on Monday and it is addictive. Surprising that you can really get a work out from this. I love doing the hula hooping, yoga, and the other aerobic work-out games like running and the step workout. -*Warning make sure you have good balance when doing the step exercises. I have somewhat bad balance issues (I run into walls & furniture on a regular basis.) and the first time I did this exercise I almost fell on my hiney. Yesterday I had improved by far and I am thinking about moving up from the beginner level.

Things I love about the Wii Fit
- It tracks how much time you have spent working out each day and praises you for coming back for more.
- It helps you understand exactly how much weight you need to lose per week based on amount of weight vs time to lose it in.
- The cartoon trainers. (They show examples of how each exercise should be done and encourage you as you go and when you are improving.)
- It is FUN! Last night I found myself telling Miss B "Go clean your room it's Mommy's turn on the Wii!" (And she made some progress on the disaster area we call her room.)
- After day 2 of working out on the fit my muscles are sore. This MUST mean I am getting a work-out from playing these games. (I will let you know if I notice any significant weight loss.)

Things I could do without regarding the fit
-When I stood on it with weight, height, and balance tests entered it made my cute little skinny Mii a little more round around the middle. (The thing won't even let you lie to yourself.)
- When it asks you to step on the balance board and you step on it says something like: Ow! or Ooh! (This does not make me feel friendly towards the cute little computer voice
-The male cartoon trainer's pretentious Steven Segal-like tiny pony-tail Mr C pointed out to me last night. -Yuck!


Monogramchick said...

I would so love to get a Wii simply for the Fit. I don't know that I could handle what representation of me it would make!

Belle said...

Well now I want one. Would Todd the Trainer think I'm cheating on him???

Tara said...

I would love a Wii Fit! Sounds like such a great work out but more fun then "working out".

P.S. Found you via SITS. Great blog!