Monday, July 7, 2008

Family for the 4th

My brother, his wife and their little girls (A Bean 3 1/2 & Mini K 8 months) came to town on the 4th to visit. Mr C and I decided we would take the girls with us for most of the day and so as they say...."The adventure begins."

We were warned that Mini K hates being in the car and also HATES having a dirty diaper. Brother Bud told me she screams at the top of her lungs while her face turns a lovely shade of beet red. Surprisingly, Mini K didn't freak out in the car and was a super-sweet easy baby at lunch. This prompted me to believe taking the girls shopping with me at TJ Maxx would be a great idea. First off I made the mistake of only bringing an umbrella stroller and not transferring Mini K and A Bean to a shopping cart. Everything I found that I wanted I crammed between the diaper bag I had strapped to the stroller and the handles of the stroller. All was okay at this point but could have been better. Then it happened....halfway through the store A Bean looks at me and says "smell poop" and come to think of it I thought I smelled poop too. Then Mini K begins to wail and her face looks like a tomato. I tell A Bean to HURRY and we hauled a** to the bathroom while half of my planned purchases fell to the floor leaving a Hansel & Gretel like trail of merchandise leading to the potty. Once we made it to the restroom A Bean heads for the larger stall and comes back out shaking her head. I looked in to see a toilet, no changing station was to be found in the entire restroom and I had a screaming her head off 8 month old that smelled really bad. A Bean and I cleaned off the sink and then put multiple layers of paper towels down for a make-shift diaper pad. I finally got Mini K on the very small sink counter and the diaper off to see..........nothing. It was gas. OMG, was I relieved and frustrated at the same time. By this time Mini K is happy again but looking a tad tired so I mixed up a bottle for her and she was out for the count in like 5 minutes flat. I had A Bean help me gather our store strewn merchandise and we headed for the registers. I was ready to go. Thankfully so was A Bean and Mini K. After my day with the girls I was forced to take a nap and thanked my lucky stars I do not have two kiddos so close in age. I can't wait for Miss B to get back from the city so I can give her a great big hug.

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