Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let's Get Together

A friend of mine that I hang out with on a nightly basis has been ditching me for the past week. "What friend?" you ask. Well, I bet you are friends with this also. So.....if you happen to run into A Full Night's SLEEP please let it know I have missed it.

I have been waking up between 1 and 3am in the morning for the past week only to find Sleep has left me, and wouldn't you know Insomnia wants to spend some time with me. I have given in to Insomnia's demands: watching cheesy late night/early morning TV re-runs, old movies, laundry, emptying the dishwasher, gathering trash...even baking. But spending time with Insomnia has been leaving me drained the day after. I have missed Sleep so much that last night I decided to demand it stay the night.
Here was the plan:

Upon getting home from work, I quickly changed into exercise get-up and jumped on the treadmill for a 45 minute run. Next, I gathered yet another load of laundry to start. I watched a little TV during dinner. Then, I created a Mii on our Wii we just purchased last night. Of course, I had to play bowling for a while. Finally, I took an super-hot shower and passed out from pure exhaustion. I woke up this morning feeling better and hoping I can get together again with Sleep tonight. Sorry Insomnia, I do have a date with you on New Years though.

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