Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to the Waterpark

I have been a little delinquent in getting this one to you guys but let me tell you what happened and you will understand....I hope.

Tuesday morning I arrived at the office of Computer Co and went through my morning rituals of turning on my computer and checking email when I thought I heard running water. Two of the girls up here are the type who might have a desk fountain but I knew for a fact that they didn't. OMG!!!!! I ran down the hallway to find the printer room flooded. It looked like it was raining in there and I don't mean a light sprinkling. It was a major downpour. My next thought was the server room. I raced down the hall to check it out while yelling at Mr C (we work for the came company) that there was flooding. The server room was wet but thank goodness the servers were okay. I ran back to my desk to call the building maintenance and of all times I couldn't find the number. Mr C came to my desk with the business card. I took it gratefully and then asked "Why is this card wet?" His reply to me was "Funny you ask." Poor Mr C, his office was flooded also.

After what seemed like FOREVER the building maintenance finally arrived to inform us that a line above us had broke overnight. -No, Really?- Come on did they honestly think I couldn't come up with that one on my own? The water stopped coming down about an hour later and the clean up began. Computers were moved to other offices to properly distribute the heat that they generate and people who were flooded out of their offices were sent to other rooms to share dry desks. It was an absolute mess and it smelled nasty from all the water soaking the carpets and ceiling tiles. I think every maintenance man in this four state area was in our office that day. We had shop vacs, blowers and dehumidifiers at every turn and it was all LOUD. I can't name a single person who hasn't complained of a headache from the noise.

Today on Thursday we are still in a state of discomfort and hazard here at Computer Co. We have empty offices with water stained carpets, blowers pointed at walls that are still wet, closets crammed with ruined desks and other office necessities, co-workers still piggy-backing off other's desks, a slightly mildewy smell wafting down the halls and worst of is only Thursday. This means I still have one more day of this before I get my weekend and everyone else feels the same. -Like we have had two weeks crammed into four days.- We are all hoping for a quick and efficient fix for this but in reality none of us expects it.

Sorry for the gripe post but I had it building up. I will try to post pics of the visual horror story that we have going on here either tonight or tomorrow.

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