Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Staying Off The Sauce

I admit, I have been in love with Diet Coke since high school. I didn't live with my parents during my high school years (which seems like eons ago now) and the family I lived with had a passion for Diet Coke. Wouldn't you know, it was love at first sip for me. When I was prego with Miss B I quit all sodas and didn't go back to them until recently.

Lately we have had an influx of friends over to the house to visit due to the big move. Everyone knows it's only polite to be able to offer your guests something to drink and even better if you can offer them food too. Since I am not exactly the perfect hostess I have aimed for semi-perfect by maintaining a variety of beverages in the fridge. A few weeks ago I noticed I needed to re-stock so I made a quick run to Target for groceries and more and as I entered angels began to sing and the giant display of on sale Diet Coke pulled me in. Gone were my thoughts of caffeine free drinks or healthy juices. All I could see was this beautiful display. Next thing I knew, I was throwing a couple of the irresistible little 8 packs (bottles) in my cart and I was good to go.

Days later, Mr C began to notice my beverage of choice with my every meal and he called me on it. "Um, they are for the guests." I squeaked out my excuse. After a repeat incident or two of this, it was clear I had fallen off the wagon. Mr C requested I get off the sauce sooooooooooo I have, but still needed a little kick every once in a while. I am really not liking coffee lately so I opted for something else a friend at Computer Co suggested, Red Bull (Sugar Free). OMG, what a great way to start the day. Red Bull definitely has a ZZzzzziiiiinnnnngggg!!! to it.

I was just thinking have I traded in one vice for another. Computer Co friend just told me of her trash can full of empty RB cans! Yikes!


A.D. said...

I'm so addicted to diet whateversonsale. It used to be Dt. Coke, but I recently switched to Dt. Sprite. I try to limit myself to 2 cans a day. I feel like it is the only vice I have left so if I quit it completely, who knows what other habits I'd pick up to replace it (that's my justification anyway).
Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. When I find a new blog, I usually go back and read at least a few months worth...sometimes a year :)! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there that does that!

Tara said...

I've been trying to quit with the mtn dew and it's so hard!