Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Promised Pics

Here they are the pictures of the flooding, my crafty card making and a little something extra just for you.

This was the printer room.

One of the many destroyed/waterlogged ceiling tiles still up there. A lot of the tiles were so soaked they fell or broke in half.

Mr C's office after the mess was cleared out and the blowers were brought in. Notice the nasty stain on the carpet from the water. Every room that was flooded has one of these "beauty marks."

Now on to prettier, happier things. Below are some of the cards I made! Aren't they cute?

After starting the new job at Computer Co I became obsessed with solving puzzles and found a couple of Rubik's cubes that I felt compelled to master. I did.....in two weeks. Here are the two I solved.


suburban prep said...

darling cards.
Last Aug it rained buckets here in the Chicago area and my sister's house got very flooded. The house is now on the market but only after quite a bit of clean-up.

P said...

I love the cards. They're so cute. My favorite it the "loads of love" one.